Hi, I need to install Linux without an Internet Connection.
But I need Wireless Support..

Well I know that that sounds weird so let me explain.

I have a Custom Build Computer and I only have a WiFi network card.
And since I have somekind of anoying unknown WiFi Card I cant use it during the Install or anything. (Thats what people told me.) So I thought.

What If I install it on a Virtual PC when I am in Windows and then Burn it on a DVD and then Install it on the Real PC.

Is something like that possible?

Well, since I want a <clean> install (like Gentoo, Arch Linux, Debian or LSF) without ANY programs installed at start.

And then Install everything myself. (Fluxbox, iDesk ect)

So, how can I do this in the best way?
Install it on a Virtual Box and then do something?
or Install it and then Burn a DVD with all the Packages on there that I need?
Or well do any of you have any advice?

Ah, well Tux On