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Thread: Kde & Xde

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    Question Kde & Xde

    The Mandriva flavor of Linux in my machine supports 2 desktops - KDE & XDE. Unlike XDE, why doesn't KDE allow to login as the root user? Is there anyway by which I can login as the root user using the KDE desktop?

    Also the files & directories residing in the KDE desktop aren't available to the XDE desktop & vice-versa. Is there anyway by which the files & directories residing in either of the two desktops can be made available to the other desktop?



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    Root logins are disabled in KDE by default because of the security risk involved. Most admin chores can be easily accomplished as a regular user by using su, so root logins really aren't needed.

    You can disable this safety feature in KDE by opening /usr/local/share/config/kdm/kdmrc and changing the line:


    Note that this file is at /opt/kde/share/config/kdm/kdmrc on my machine so it might be elsewhere on yours.

    You can also use kdesu to give yourself root permissions when needed.
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