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    Drive Letters (possible problem?)

    Currently I have my system setup like this:

    HDA - 13 gig
    --Win98 - 3gig
    --Redhat 8 - 10 gig

    HDB - 40 gig
    --WinXP - 40 gig

    Windows XP recognizes itself correctly as being installed on the D: drive, and Windows 98 is on the C: drive. I want to remove 98 completely from my system so that Linux can have the whole drive. Since XP does not show my linux drive/partition, is there a risk that it could reassign it's own drive the letter C, breaking all my programs?

    What I'm asking is will there be a problem with not having a C: drive at all, and running everything off a D: letter?

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    im not sure what it would do, but unless some1 tells u its gonan be sweet, i would resize the fat partittion to like 1mb or something. although it wont make a lot of diff whether u have that partition as fat or ext3, i know its fun to play with it but i cant see it accomplishing much

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