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    ive been using deep burner which is a free burner. i would recomend it to anyone.

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    Just wanted to add one to the mix.
    Although I no longer have Windows installed, past experience and helping friends with their machines allows me to give high recomendations to DeepBurner.
    It is a free burner for Windows and makes burning ISO's easier than any other burner I've used on Windows. Simply open the program, the main window opens and, on top of the main window, a smaller pop-up opens and asks if you'd like to burn an ISO. Select OK and browse to the ISO you want to burn.
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    well cant up grade i get error that bad sector is on cd waht can i doo?

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    Just to add my two cents (Euro or US) to the mix, for ISOs I've been recently using burnatonce ( , I think...).
    I've only used it a few times but it seems a very neat, very compact, unintrusive app if you have to use Doze.
    Possible downsides include that it only has ISO burning, but then, why do you need data or music recording to write a Linux ISO...?


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    I have found that disjuggler works the best, for all around everything. It lets you burn ISO and copy cds to images to the harddrive. doesnt have any copyprotection capabilities, when making duplicates of cds.

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    Re: Burn ISO onto CD for free

    for those with no luck e.g encounter unknown error.

    May consider to reduce the writing speed to 12x 1800bps.

    I did the first time with 24x, after writing 90% down the road, the program prompted me unknown error encountered! ( Gee, you do the job have to say unknown, how can you expect me to know )

    That's my 1 cent contribution.

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    Hi all

    I have been burn 3 CDs with this freeware but after that, when I restart my PC, it had not opened the linux installing. It boot from CDROM with DR-DOS and I can not execute file .iso

    can you help me to solving this problem?

    Thank in advance.

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    Nero R0cks!

    I tried using Nero when i was burning PS2 games, and havnt stopped using it yet. very powerful in ROM mode and user friendly in express mode. the only downsides are
    2)windows only

    PS- for any burning program, the writing speeds vary for each recorder your using and the quality of the cd. For most writers after 2002-2003, id recommend 16X or 24X for CDs and 4X for DVDs

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    burning ps2 games? is that possible? i would like hear about it if so.
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    Here is what I use to burn isos CDR Tools Front End its opensource and listed on sourceforge
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