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    Quote Originally Posted by jamey112
    burning ps2 games? is that possible? i would like hear about it if so.
    Quoth the forum rules:

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    tyring to upgrade to fc4 running into some promblems(newbie)

    i'm fairly fresh to this forum, but i think i already like it better than fedoraforum. Anyway, i downloaded all four FC4 discs, and compaired the sha1sum algorithms, perfect match. I am running into problems installing. So i'm figuring that it is a problem with the burn. I'm using nerolinux demo(free), i followed the instructions from their help pages and i still get the same results. I ran a test on the disks and they FAILED, big surprise. Anyhow, is there a better program that i could use or something.
    PS. running FC3 currently.

    thanks for any info

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    K3B is the best burning app I've tried for (graphical) linux. You may want to try burning the ISO files at a reduced speed, like 4X, to minimize errors.
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    I always use Deepburner 100% success rate so far with ISO images

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    Use Nero ( ) to burn ISO and other CD images. and no problems......
    is it so big problem to burn ISO ?

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    I truly love this CDBurner! I've already used it for my Ubuntu and Knoppix discs and it works pretty well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dt2
    Perhaps...I didn't download burn4free because of the following:


    Note: Burn4Free now includes NavHelper free software - a noninvasive search tool for internet explorer. Type keywords and search terms into your browser and let us do the navigation. No need to remember URLs. Access leading search engines directly from your browser.

    Editor's note: This download includes additional applications bundled with the software's installer file. Third-party applications bundled with this download may record your surfing habits, deliver advertising, collect private information, or modify your system settings. Pay close attention to the end user license agreement and installation options.
    burn4free IS freeware, but this NavHelper crap is, in my opinion, too high a price to pay...

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    Ah, damn spyware...

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    Just thought I would update this tutorial, this is straight from the help section that "thisisfutile" was mentioning.


    Burn ISO

    To burn an ISO image choose "Data/DVD" at startup of CDBurnerXP Pro. To reopen the dialog, click the new-button in toolbar

    Then go to File (in menu) Write disc from ISO file.

    Then choose the ISO file you want to burn by clicking on the "..."-button and then click "Write disc" to start burning process.


    Hope this helps others.
    This prog can also be found here.
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    I have used ImgBurn to burn .iso's in Windows and have used it sucessfully when it went by another name also.Had to change name for legal reasons I guess.

    Very simple to use just right click on the .iso and choose "Burn using ImgBurn" from the context menu,put in blank media,click "disc" button and ImgBurn will do the rest.



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    Thumbs up Iso Burn Rules

    I've been using iso burn to make my iso images.
    its so simple chose the file and click burn.
    thats it,no cluttered menus.

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