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    Quote Originally Posted by dt2
    Perhaps...I didn't download burn4free because of the following:



    burn4free IS freeware, but this NavHelper crap is, in my opinion, too high a price to pay...

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    I use burn 4 free. You can click one button and NavHelper is gone from your pc for good, no browser hi-jacking, nothing.

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    realy useful thing....i have sent link of this thread many times


    ps ill vote for 5 stars

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    For what OS?

    Is this a cd burning software in windows or Linux.
    Coz ,u can get k3b in Linux if u want.That too is free .
    and there are lots of cracked cd burning softwares for Windows XP too,if u really need a goog one.

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    Problems installing from ISO's

    I just need to say that I've also had problems booting, my downloaded ISO's. I had different missing packages on multiple install attempts from CD. Currupt media I figured. I ran MD5 sum checks on my ISO's, everything looked fine. Figuring that my Burning proccess must be where my problems lie. I finally had success, not with slower burn speeds, but with the settings used to burn. I used Nero, so more or less options may be available to you.

    File/Directory name length: ISO Level 2 (Max. of 31 chars)
    Format: Mode 1
    Character Set: ISO 9660
    Joliet: OFF
    Allow pathdepth of more than 8 directories: ON
    Allow more than 255 characters in path: ON

    This was my winning formula, so I stuck to it, trying to keep things simple. I suppose a couple switches could still realize success.

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    To burn ISO I suppose you try ISO-burner utility. It is extremely easy to use and never failed me before. More, it is free so you can try it out at once

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    Thanks! I never knew about CDBurnerXP

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    I use magiciso to burn iso file to cd and dvd. It is very easy to use. It also support burning other cd dvd image.

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    Is it for Linux or Windows, also how big is it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by realg187
    Is it for Linux or Windows, also how big is it??
    MagicISO is for MS Windows. If you look at the site it's pretty obvious. The EXE installer is roughly 2.5 MB.
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    Found it out the hard way, If I opened the page [which I did, then I couldt ppost unless I used a new windows,,]

    I use nero and it works but ill keep this for refrence, are there and FREE apps to make ISOs from CDs, and then mount them, like Nero Image Drive. When people ask how to play games without a CD Id tell them to use Image Drive, and even give it to them, but thats illegal, is there a FREEWARE equivilent...

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