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    so close to victory w/ triple boot (Vista, XP, linux)

    Hey everyone,

    I've spent three days trying to get Vista, XP and Suse all running. I can get each to run individually and now have Vista and Suse running via GRUB, but I lost XP. Sorry for the long message, but I've read everything I could first and still no luck. It is just some small item I'm sure. Using Suse becaue my abit ip35 pro has the jmicron issue that Ubuntu has issues w/.

    hd0,0 - Vista primary partition NTFS
    hd0,1 - XP primary partition NTFS
    hd0,2 - Suse primary partition EXT2
    hd0,3 - NTFS space for data

    hd1,0 - primary partition Suse swap
    hd1,1 - primary partition XP swap
    hd1,2 - primary partition Vista swap
    hd1,3 - NTFS for data

    hd2,0 - NTFS primary for data

    Steps I followed:
    1. Start w/ three fresh drives and empty MBR, GRUB, etc.
    2. Install XP to second partition on first HD (hd0,1). I did this because I read that Suse cannot move a Vista partition so it would be best to leave Vista on 1st partition. I also heard that XP should be installed first so Vista bootloader auto dual boots XP. All of this = me installin XP first, but on second partition
    3. remove all media and boot to XP and do this a couple times to make sure MBR is good and XP loads as it should
    4. Boot to Vista CD and install it to first partition of first HD (hd0,0). Remove all media and make sure it boots fine on its own
    5. Here I noticed that I was not getting the dual boot from Vista boot loader. Vista would boot straight off w/ out recognizing any other OS.
    6. Install Suse to first HD third partition hd0,2. Also install Grub to this partition and add XP as hd0,1 w/ rootnoverify and chainloader +1. Same w/ Vista except hd0,0
    7. Reboot Suse and except Suse at Grub loader....Suse works fine.
    8. Vista loads fine from Grub loader, but once I select it I get a bunch of text for a second that I don't have time to read, but I can catch GDLR outputted to the screen.
    9. Select XP from Grub loader and it stops on screen w/ only text saying, rootnoverify (hd0,1) chainloader +1

    So, I can boot into Suse and Vista just fine. I've gone into my menu.lst file and it is all correct, identical to Vista except w/ the proper partition. I've tried using Super Grub boot CD to boot the hd0,1 partition, but it just sits there w/ the boot command. I've verified everything w/ fdisk -l, I've tried to make the XP partition active first in both menu.lst and Super Grub, etc. XP will no longer boot...

    One weird behavior that might offer some clue is when I now (system in state described above) insert the XP boot CD it says it cannot continue because no HD are connected. This is weird because if I take the CD out and boot to grub Vista and Suse boot fine.

    The only thing I can think is that XP wrote the MBR to the second partition hd0,1. When I installed Vista it wrote MBR to first partition so that could explain the reason Vista didn't know XP was there. But I thought Grub on the booting partition hd0,2 could be told to boot any partition regardless of what the partitions MBR says.

    Any ideas?

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    Tri Booting

    Not sure if any of this will help but a few things occured to me when reading your post;
    Is the XP partition to far up in cyclinders and can't boot?
    Can you setup XP to boot after you go into Vista?
    I did a search on Google and came up with this....
    Hack Attack: How to triple-boot Windows XP, Vista, and Ubuntu - Lifehacker

    Hope that helps.
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    Hi and Welcome !

    Its not possible to chainload two Windows OSes separately if both are Installed in Single HD. First of all, set up Vista and XP dual boot properly. Linux will chainload Vista's Boot Loader and it will provide options to boot XP/Vista.
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    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the replies. Found out the problem was that my IP35 Pro has the JMicron Sata controller and in the Bios I'm required to set SATA to ACHI instead of IDE for Ubuntu to load. This, however, keeps XP from loading since I must change this back to IDE instead of ACHI. Vista can handle either. So now I must make this change in the BIOS each time I load the different OSes, but they triple boot after that.


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