first of all i am a complete and utter Linux noob so greatly appreciated if most steps are fully explained... or linked to a tutorial

ok so my installation of ubuntu itself has not been too difficult however getting into the gui has just been torture

the system is a dv9428nr with these specs
2.2ghz turion 64 x2
2*120gb hdd one for windows vista and one for ubuntu fiesty
2gb ram
nvidia go 6150
17.1in screen

ok have been trying to install ubuntu fiesty 7.04 the install itself is going fine since i switched to trying the alternate iso which works fine

however upon trying to boot into ubuntu gui i am presented with a blank screen
ok so upon being presented with this i did some searching and came across tselliot's "Envy" program which did work once upon a time for me however then the partition was deleted and i started over trying to make sure i could redo it at whim, well lets just say its never worked again... the version of envy was 0.9.7-0ubuntu8 have probably tried envy literally 50 times just trying to get it to install the 100.14.11 driver set tried both the automated nvidia install process and the manual neither of which worked...

so i moved on to the nvidia site to attempt installing the driver manually, i almost think this worked out better however the x server errored right after the ubuntu loading screen now i checked the version i am on 7.2 and the current is 7.3 however no idea how to go about installing it and dont really want to create more variables atm however if its highly suggested to install it i will, but i doubt its my only problem(i'm the noob though so feel free to say otherwise)

and a third thing i have tried if i recall the command is dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ok couldn't remember it so tried searching... only tried this twice but still tried it with no results...

but anyways any ideas on what to try? tonight i finally got the feeling of utter defeat which is a terrible feeling so i have to ask for the oppinions of those that know the system themselves, thanks for any help

on the positive note have started to learn some of the linux commands, not many but hey have learned a little so it hasent been a complete waste of time just a real annoyance