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    Installer not loading.

    I have followed all the guidelines for what should be an easy install but when I boot the computer it loads up Windows instead of the installer. These are the steps I have followed.

    1)Downloaded Debian (First 3 cds from the alpha set)
    2)Downloaded both imgburn and iso recorder.
    3)Burnt the image to the cd with both programs.
    4)Set up the BIOS to load from cd first and saved settings
    5)Tried to boot up with both cd's

    I tried this in the computer I'm specifically setting up for this and also in my lap top, but the computer just loads windows like normal. I even tried to burn the .iso as a bootable cd (even though I read that the image should take care of that) but ended up in a dos prompt.

    If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

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    * First Boot Device must be CD Driver in BIOS.
    * .iso image must be burned as Image only.

    Have you set CD Drive as First Boot Device in BIOS?
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    Yes, the BIOS is set to boot from the cd first. Please explain what you mean by as image only. I'm going to be using imgburn and the attached picture is what it looks like before I burn.
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    did you verify md5 checksum of the cd

    can you boot your system with any other bootable disk(windows installation cd or any other bootable disk)
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    I have not verified the md5 checksum, I'll find some info on it and do it now, However, I did download the .iso image twice because I thought maybe the first time the data had been corrupted and the same thing happened with the second image. As far as if the computer boots from any other discs, it appears so because when I burnt the image and used an option to make the disc bootable, the cd was loaded first but I ended up in a dos prompt. I'll post when I have verified done the md5 checksum.

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    Just verified the md5 checksum and everything is fine. Anybody else have any suggestions?

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    Sorry, don't want to bump, but I'm determined to finish this install.

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    Does anyone have any issues burning images into certain types of CD-Rs?

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    can you boot your system using any other boot disk's like windows installation disk or any other linux disk's
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    Hadn't thought about that yet, I'm going to try and will let you know, however, I think it's probably going to work because when I burnt the .iso image the third time and set an option to make the disk bootable, the computer DID try to boot that disk, it just sent me to a dos prompt.

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