(Writing this from Win XP)

From your wireless FAQ:
If you don't have internet access (or if you don't know how to get packages from the repository) you'll need to get packages from somewhere else and transfer them onto your Linux box.

You're likely to encounter problems here if you don't have GCC installed and all the necessary compile files
Guilty as charged. I have downloaded copies of Xubuntu, SUSE and Gentoo. I have been searching forums for the last days trying to figure out how to install necessary components without using commands to automatically fetch stuff from the net, and install, like apt-get and emerge.

I didn't manage to get ndiswrapper up and running in xubuntu, cos these dependencies were missing.

I have a D-link dwl g510 pci card, rev. C which uses the Ralink rt61 driver in Windows XP.

Suggestions on what I have to download, what I need to install and how is mostly appreciated. Alternately, just a link, I couldn't find a link explaining the "manual install part" in detail. Some n00b friendliness is lacking there.