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    yes linux was not able to provide effient access to windows file systems some years ago and writing to NTFS partions was major problem

    however the open source community fought all the problems and now it could provide all the features required

    hope your installation goes in a right way

    If your Fedora disk contains Livecd testdrive it

    report back any problems you face during installation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jashoy
    That is truly not what I was expecting so if I download the Linux version of Open Office I will be able to edit and save documents I have saved to my C: like for instance I have Open Office Doc's for Anthro and English I would be able to edit them. Okay so that's why I can save a file in Open Office in linux and send it to a user who is using Word in Windows and they will be able to read it?
    First of all, OpenOffice is pre-installed in Fedora and you dont have to install separately. It doesn't matter where you have saved OpenOffice document because Fedora supports NTFS/FAT32 too, you can edit/create files anywhere.
    Quote Originally Posted by jashoy
    Right now I have split the D: into a 72 GB FTFS file format and I have another 72GB space that is as yet Unallocated. Did I screw that up I am beging to think I should just foramt the D: with Fedora since I will still have access to the C: NFTS drive.
    Partition Structure depends on you only. If you ask me, I will create partitions like this
    1. C: Drive
    2. 512MB
    3. 20 GB for Fedora ( Yes, 20GB. You have a lot of disk space and you are not planning to install any other distro. I have 80GB disk and I have installed Windows XP + 6 Linux distros in it.
    4.5..... NTFS Partition for sharing data.
    I'm really having an issue with the ability to access my documents on C: with the new Fedora install.
    If I am reading this right I will have full access to my drive in Fedora and I only loose access in the Vista OS.
    You will have full access in Vista OS.


    oooops ! I am using GPRS connection today and its too slow.
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