I'm trying to get SATA (SCSI) card drivers added to my CentOS 4.4installation CD so I can install my servers without having to load additional drivers from a seperate disk. I've gotten the CD to boot and load the drivers for the card but the problem comes when the machine tries to boot from the hard drive, it can't find the drivers for the SATA card and won't boot. I've added the drivers to the initrd.img file in the /isolinux directory on the CD and that handled the CD boot portion. Can anyone point me to the file I need to update on the installation CD that gets copied over to the HD as the boot image? I have updated the initrd.img file in the boot.iso file in the /images directory on the CD but that didn't fix it? I've been unable to find any additional information on the web and don't know what to try next.
Thanks for any help you can provide.