OK... I havent been here in a long time! Its good to be back! Anyways, one of the main reasons that i havent been here is that I/ATI Radeon drivers managed to screw X real good. So, after messing w/ that for a month I decided to give up on fixing X and reinstalling gentoo (once again from stage 1.) Seeing as the install takes alot of time (522 mhz) I was wondering what the general opinion on making an all-in-one backup cd. I was thinking:

1. make an ISO out of my Gentoo install CD.

2. mount the ISO and remove all the stuff from it i dont want (i.e. stages, portage.)

3. Make a few tar.bz2(s) of my entire system (how would i omit certian directories from that ( /tmp /proc)

4. Put the tar file in the mounted ISO and burn a bootable cd(s) with my entire system backed up onto them.

Anyone see anthing wrong w/ this in concept? Any better ideas?