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Thread: Dual Boot

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    Dual Boot

    I've been messing around lately with both Ubuntu and Fedora 7 and was trying to run a dual boot. I had Ubuntu installed on one partition, and then proceeded to install XP on the other. After the installation of XP I rebooted my system. Everytime I boot it automatically boots XP. I tried the same thing again, but with fedora this time instead of Ubuntu, and still the same result. How do I make it that I can choose when I start my computer? I tried going into the BIOS, setup, and boot menu, and I am only given XP as an option. The GRUB on fedora seemed to work fine when it was just fedora.

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    As I understand it, grub cannot boot Windows. It can point to Windows, but only when it is in the first position on your hard drive. Then, Linux needs to be second. The grub install at the end of either distro will let you configure it to include Windows as a boot choice when installed after Windows. Is Windows first and Linux second? Then it's just a matter of re-installing grub.... See these easy instructions from Fedora...
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    cool, it work out, thanks dan

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