I am currently running SAM on my desktop. It is not a brand name system, but rather a cobbled together box. SAM is the only distro that would boot into GUI. When I attempt to boot into Edubuntu (Fiesty), Mint and PCLinuxOS only SAM would load X. The others either command lined, PCLOS, or errored out Canonical distros. My video card is onboard and connected to an LCD monitor. I had an Nvidea in, but I was't sure how to switch to it for output in the config files, so I pulled it out and went with the onboard option, which is some low end ATI on an Intel board. You guys have any suggestions or advise for these "issues"? I'm thinking the ATI is flaky and SAM (as did the version of XP I took off) overlook the errors and pass them by while the other distros actually check that the hardware is working well. I could try the AGP/DVI cards, but as I mentioned I do not know how to switch off the default video out since linux queries the mobo and not the bios. Thanks all!