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    Mandrake 10 Installation Question

    This question was posted under the Mandrake forum as well. When installing Mandrake 10, will I have to manually partition the hard drive or will Mandrake 10 do that for me? I presently have Windows 2000 usinng the NTFS format for the entire hard drive.

    Also, I have an extra hard drive that I could install in my PC as a slave to the primary drive. Would it be better to install the Mandrake 10 on this drive than having to partition the primary drive? If so, how does one go about having the slave drive boot up under a dual boot system? Would this be done through the Bios?

    Doe anyone have anysuggestions for this Newbie to make the conversion easier?

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    The first part of the master hrd drive is called Master Boot record (MBR) and contains info about where to bot from, so, YES, I think you should install the second HD as slave and install Mandrake there. You could make one Linuxpartition and one smaller FAT32 partition on that drive to use as a "bridge" for documents and things you wan to use in both Linux and Windows since NTSF isn't fully suported by linux.

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    As far as partitioning is concerned I would go with Partition Magic or would do it myself. If you have a little experience you can also let Mandrake do it. I haven't installed Mandrake 10 but generally the installations (not all) can make a mess on your hard drive if you don't know what you are doing and don't recognize linux's notation of harddrives (hda=primary channel ,hdb=secondary; logical drives count from 5...)

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