Installing Ubuntu on my desktop was easy.

My Compaq R4010 laptop is giving me troubles though.

The partitioner on the Ubuntu LiveCD was giving me free space errors, and I just couldn't get anywhere with it, even after doing a max/free space defrag with Perfect Disk in Windows.

I decided to try the Gparted LiveCD after seeing recommendations for it.

Problem #1, it won't let me resize the 80Gb NTFS partition at all. The 'down' arrow is greyed out.

Problem #2, when I run a disk check with it, it always comes up with bad clusters/sectors, and says to repair them and try again.

Well, I have run the max scan with the windows utility, surface/sector scan/repair and all, twice, and I then ran System Mechanic's drive repair utility.

After each repair job, I tried Gparted again with the same results.

For some reason either the damage is not being repaired/marked by the utilities, or else Gparted is getting bad info somehow.

One thing I noticed is that Gparted takes about 0.25 seconds to figure out that there are bad clusters, so obviously it is not doing a deep scan to find that out. It's either reading a log somewhere, or just scanning some initial area and rejecting the operation.

Oh, and one more thing. The Gparted UI immediately shows an exclamation point for the partition. It knows from the getgo that something is wrong, it seems.

Hope someone can help with this.

Ftr, I have had drive troubles in the past, and do plan to send this computer in for repair eventually, but it's not going to happen right away. For now, I just want to get these sectors marked off so I can proceed with the installation.