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    Question Need how to make dual boot for Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbin and Compiz Fusion

    I dont know how to make a dual boot for XP and Ubuntu 7.10. I'm planning to install Ubuntu on my laptop. Again, I'll also going to install compiz fusion. I do need to get latest ATI driver (my laptop's ATI Mobility X1600 256MB) so I wont use XGL anymore?


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    Hi Skyline,

    Setting up a dual-boot between windows and ubuntu is not difficult. The only potentially confusing part is the partitioning if you are not familiar with that. Basically you just need to make sure that you aren't formatting the partition with windows on it (it will show-up in the installer as an NTFS partition). The default settings for the installer (using available free space) however are probably what you will want. I would recommend a partition size of about 15-20gb for Ubuntu if you can afford it.

    To find more detailed instructions, try searching linuxforums and for "dual-boot" and you should find a lot of information. You can also try checking out:


    For setting up compiz, I also have an x1600 mobility on my laptop and it works fine using the default drivers. I also tried the newer 8.42.3 ATI drivers, but I think for now the default restricted drivers version ones work best. You will still want to use xgl, so you may have to install it yourself after the initial installation:

    sudo aptitude install xserver-xgl
    Finally, I think you may have to enable the composite extension in the xorg.conf file. If this is all new to you , and you are not sure how to do this, try searching the forums for "xorg.conf" and you should get a lot of hits relating to it. If you are still stuck let me know and I can try and help you out.


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    Well I used Ubuntu 6.10 with Beryl+XGL last year on desktop for first time. It was not so hard to set up. I just know little. So this will be my second time to install.

    thanks for gave links.

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