I am still trying to get all the info on dual boot as I can and read this site http://www.devhood.com/tutorials/tut...utorial_id=313 I am trying to install debian on a windows 2000 system. I like
the way that suggested here on how to do the dual boot since the Linux loader doesnt touch the MBR. Essentially what the site says is to leave the NTLDR in the MBR untoched and to install the linux loader to the boot sector of the Linux volume.

First some background: I am installing Debian on an HP laptop (model ZV5120ca), I currently have 2 partitions, a c-drive where I have windows 2000 installed which is 17Gbs, then an e-Drive (10GBS) where I have a ghost image of the C- drive, and about 10GBS of empty space which I am planning to dedicate to Linux.

Now I was wondering that since the NTLDR kicks in when the MBR is loaded will in a system that has win 2K installed, does it make a difference configuration (in the boot.ini) wise if I use LILO or GRUB? I ask because according to the directions on the website whatever linux loader I decide to go with will be installed in the boot sector of the linux volume not the MBR
correct? So since the NTLDR will be loaded at boot time FIRST (before the linux loader) I wont really have to worry about configuring GRUB or LILO to recognize windows since essentially the NTLDR will be calling the linux loader (LILO or GRUB, I think this is called chaining or linking) and not the other way around when I choose to boot Linux from the NTLDR menu. Am I
correct to think that way?

Now please correct me if I am wrong, after I install Linux and reboot for the first time, I will be able to boot into windows normally since no changes will have been made to the NTLDR right? but if I want to load Linux after the first reboot, I will have to boot up with a Linux boot floppy, copy the boot record using the dd command to copy the linux loader, reboot, then boot into Windows and change the boot.ini to point to the linux boot record file which I will have copied to the C-drive. correct so far?

My problem is that I dont have a floppy drive yet for my laptop, so I cant boot linux with a boot floppy, so after I am done installing Linux and reboot for the first time, can I boot into Linux with the installation CD? if I can then what command do I have to run? or will the CD pick up the current installation automatically and ask me if I want to boot into it?

Also I know that I said that I wanted to use GRUB instead of LILO, but at this point I really just want to use something that doesnt give me problems during or after installation, and I have read that if I use LILO and upgrade or change the kernel that I will have to reconfigure LILO. is this true? And most importatly that if I change my mind later and just want to go back to using windows and take Linux out of my system, that it is much harder to do if I have LILO instead of GRUB. is that true as well?

I also think that GRUB is only available on the Sarge version of Debian. All I want to be able to do with my Linux system is do some web development (so I will have to install APACHE) although I will not have it out on the internet. or a production environment. Do you think I should go with Sarge? do you think that it will provide more support for my laptp's hardware?

Any help at all would be appreciatted.