I have both WinXP Pro & Mandriva Linux installed in my P4 machine. I already have a 80GB hard disk & about a month back, I added another 80GB hard disk which I use primarily as a back-up device.

Though I didn't check whether Mandriva was starting successfully or not immediately after adding the new 80GB hard disk, when I tried to start Mandriva today, it just refused to start. I even tried re-installing Mandriva from the CD but even the installation failed at the very first step (which shows the orange screen & a boot up progress bar at the bottom left hand side of the screen). In other words, the installation just doesn't proceed further.

Could the addition of this new 80GB hard disk be the cause of this? Can someone please suggest me how do I overcome this? I don't mind re-installing Mandriva but preferably, that would be the last option.

Note that Mandriva is installed in the C: drive along with WinXP in the old hard drive.