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    About to give up on Linux

    Hi, I'm totally new to linux. I've been trying to install some form of linux on my computer for the last three weeks with little success. I've tried PClinuxOS, Freespire, K,X,Ubuntu, Mandriva, and Fedora. I can't seem to get the OS fully installed or if I do I can't get it to boot (error 25, or 17).
    PClinuxOS wouldn't to the partitioning and formatting and failed. Live CD worked perfect.
    Ubuntu installed but kept getting the Error 17. Looked on the internet for solution but I may as well been looking at quantum physics. I have Zero working knowledge of CLI. If someone is willing to walk a noob through the install of linux I would appreciate it.

    My comp specs:

    AMD 64
    gigabyte 8knxp-sli MB
    1 GB RAM
    Nvidia 7600 Vid card
    1-60 GB maxtor IDE=disk 1 w/win xp (hda)
    1-160 GB maxtor SATA (hdb)
    1-120 GB maxtor IDE (sda)
    1-80 BG WD (for linux install) (hdc)

    For some reason linux doesn't like my SATA drive cause I never seem to have it available.

    thanks for any help you can provide.


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    Well I had the same thing once.
    Had I just changed windows to the sdb instead of sda.
    Windows kept working and the install of Debian did just work
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    Unplug all HDs and plug-in only one in which you want to install Linux. After Linux Installation, plug-in all HDs back. Its easy to setup dual boot later on.
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    Dear brewster,
    first of all: Tank you very much, for your very interesting post.
    This will sure be a problem, from which we all will be able to learn something.

    1GB RAM corresponding with all your HDD space, looks a little poor.

    If you say, you had being using that HDD for all those installation attempts unsuccessfully, than you might better try with one of your other HDDs.

    From a very simple point of view: All the different HDDs should not interfere with the one that you are using.

    It would be good, if you had a look into your BIOS, at the booting sequence.

    It does look like something is wrong with you Western Digital hard drive disk.
    But then again, it looks like you only have a booting problem.

    Please look up the meanings of those two error codes (17 and 25).

    It looks like a big problem that you have, because you tried out so many distros, but it is probably a simple and banal thing, to get one your prefered OS running.

    OK: Remember: Booting sequences, and meaning of those error codes, and then go from there.


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