Greetings ...

I'm attempting to install Red Hat 9 on an antique Compaq Proliant 6000. The server and all internal components work fine. Compaq RAID Configuration Utility sets up the disks with no hassle. From a hardware perspective, everything looks peachy.

The trouble starts with the OS installation. I've done this before on a single-disk PC without any trouble, so I've been through the basics once or twice before.

What I'm trying to do is:

Install the OS on one RAID5 logical disk (Array A).
Install the swap area on another mirrored logical disk (Array B).
Boot from the LILO or GRUB, and not from Boot Floppy.

In the process, I also carve up the server into a few other logical drives. I have two RAID cards, and I'm slicing the server into about five logical drives made up of a series of RAID5 / RAID1 arrays.

Invariably, the system refuses to boot from hard disk. I create a boot floppy, and in every case thus far I've had to use it to boot up.

I have tried just about every permutation of GRUB / LILO configuration I can think of. I've ventured into the Advanced Configuration options for both and have specified MBR for the location of each. For some reason, it refuses to boot from the hard disk.

So, what might I be doing wrong?

At the very least, I'd like to figure out why my attempts to load the OS from scratch and have it boot successfully aren't working correctly. But at this point, I'd be happy loading everything with the same unsuccessful results and just move GRUB or LILO to a place where it will work (MBR or wherever the hell).

Suffice it to say, I'm not exactly sure how to do that either.


Is there a size or sector limitation I'm overlooking here? I've tried to keep the size of the array I'm installing the OS on at a minimum. I have installed the OS on a a much larger capacity single-drive PC with no problems.

Next, is there a problem running the swap area on a separate drive? I've tried multiple variations of that approach as well. I've installed everything on a single array / logical drive. I've installed everything on a smaller single array / logical drive. I've done a minimal install on a single drive. Nothing works.

Does GRUB / LILO want to be on the MBR? How can I tell it's there?

Finally (should all else continue to fail), how can I move GRUB / LILO to where it wants to be after I install the OS for the umpteenth time and it STILL doesn't want to boot from the hard drive?

That's my adventure thus far.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Sincerely ...

Stephen G. McDowell