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Thread: Slackware :/

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    Slackware :/


    i have used Suse and mandrake before but i grew anoyed with the grpahical side of it, so i thought i would try out slackware, but ihave been having problems installing it. I have d/l the iso images through bit torent and burnt them to cd's using nero, when i run the boot cd i get teh main screen fine its after is says "Uncompressing Kernal........ kernal uncompressed OK now loading." it just freezes, i have a 1.6 xp+ AMD, with a old graphics card, wuth a asus mb, i took out everything else so that i could try to get this working, i even installed a floppy drive to see if that was freeziong it no joy , i was wondering if anybody had any ideas of what i could try?

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    did you check the iso for the md5sum that is available on the slackware website??

    might be a damaged iso.

    if its not correct, try downloading slackware again ( the first cd) and preferably from the site or one of the mirrors, this goes a lot faster, took me about 2-3 hours for the imagefile...

    it can also have something to do with your hardware, try booting the cd, and then pressing <F2> for extra options, and select another kernel. i usually select barei.acpi or something like that.

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