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    slackware --> keyboard

    i have read all the directions for installing the new slackware on my pc... i have never used linux before and i have always wanted to try it...

    i got down to where it says this... in this install directions site...

    Welcome to Linux 2.4.26.


    if i try to type something my keyboard turns off and i cant type...

    any help would be greatly appreciated... thx

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    my keyboard doesnt work when i reach that spot... it worked throughout the whole installation processes without any problems... i dont know what the problem is and have no idea what to do...

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    So you finished the install, and it boots up, but you cant login?

    Is it graphical or text login?

    if i try to type something my keyboard turns off and i cant type...
    Turns off? Do you mean if you type, you don't see text? Or the leds turn off, what?

    Try ctrl+alt+backspace a few times, if thats a graphical login it should quit X.

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    it is text login... i have the num lock led light on and i try typing and nothing happens... i hit the num lock to turn it off and i hit it again and it doesnt come back on...

    when i typed in the password in the setup i didnt see anything when i typed in the password... i typed stuff into it and nothing showed not even the ***... i dont know if its supposed to have them but it did say that i entered a password...

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    i tried even rebooting with crtl-alt-del... dont know if it should work but it didnt

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    figured it out... changed the keyboard map at the beginning and it worked...

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    it did work with my friends usb keyboard... but my ps/2 doesnt work... i have tried like 5 other keymaps and they all dont work... not sure what to do...

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    if it works with your friend usb but not your ps/2, try disabling the modules for usb. are you using a ps/2 or usb mouse, i have had other distros not work for wierd reasons when the mouse was usb and the keyboard ps/2. when things like this happen i usually try to disable everything i don't need and work from there. it usually gives me a place to work with.

    always make backups of any config file you change though.

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    i am using a usb mouse... that is really weird how that happens... so if i disable my mouse will i be able to turn it back on and it will work l8r?

    not sure about things b/c im new at this...

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    you should be fine, but its going to be easier to drop $7 on a cheap usb keyboard untill you can get everything working. But that should work.
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