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    Connecting to internet

    I have just installed Ubuntu - I am new to Linux. I have been using windows for many years and want to see what inux is about.

    I cannot connect to the internet - I have a linksys wireles card in my computer. How do I get Ubuntu to see it and use it to connect.


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    Open the terminal and type
    sudo lspci
    sudo iwconfig
    you have to enter your password. Post the output here
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    Hello, and heartily greetings to you in England.

    I would not install Linux yet, because you would like to try it out first.

    I would only use it from a LifeCD.

    How are you using it??

    Do you still have Windows (as well)? Do you have "dual boot"?

    Are you usually connected via your wifi card, or is your card just there as well?

    Do you have ADSL, DSL, a connection via modem, or IDSN, or whatever, or is your connection only always wireles?

    Is "linksys" your ISP (internet service providerr) ? And is the wifi card sort of configuratet with your provider?

    ... You see: Lots of questions.

    "How do I get Ubuntu to see it and use it to connect.?" (You forgot your question mark: Please be very precice.


    1.) You had a connection before, with Windows. It worked then.

    1.) It is a matter of your settings and configurations.

    3.) First of all, you have to be able to start up with your new OS (operation system), meaning, you have to be able to boot.

    4.) So you most likely seem to have a booting problem, as your major problem.

    5.) To sort this problem out, you must go into your BIOS of your computer.

    6.) Set the booting sequences to "boot from CD", if you havent installed your OS yet.

    7.) In case of 6.), you would also have to do: "1. Boot from CD" and "2. Boot from HDD (hard drive disk).

    I can't really imagine, that your wifi card is the problem: The settings should be able to work for whatever OS that you are using.

    you are either using a cable connection, or a wireless connection..., but I would indeed take a closer look at a possible problem with booting.

    Kind regards,

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    connecting to the internet

    Thank you for answering my question. As always this has lead to more qustions. So to answer these:

    I am wanting to use it (Lynux) to see what it looks and performs like.

    I did have windows and wiped it from my hard disk and will reinstall windows at some point in the future when I have experienced the Linux system (I also have a Laptop which has windows installed on it so I can use that ).

    I am (when Windows was installed) normally connected to the internet using a wireless router which is conected to a Broadband modem. I canot connect using an ethernet so need to use the wireless system.

    Linksys is the name of the wireles card that is installed in my desktop pc, my ISP is Virgin media.

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    Dear friend, I got the message from you. Meaning, that I understand much better now.

    So now I take you by your word:

    1.) You have indeed installed a Linux distribution on your hard disk drive.

    2.) You did not have to "wipe out" Windows, because during a installation, your previous data gets overwritten, and you would not get any problems that way.

    3.) The only possible mistake you could of done, was "the wiping out of the Windows OS".

    Well, I am a newbie as well. But I know, that a hard disk drive has to be formated, before one can install a operation system on it.

    Hadn't you wiped it out before, but had just left it, it would be all fine now.
    But that is not the case.

    So I conclude the following:

    You wiped out a OS from a disk, and you did not reformate it. That is why something went wrong with your new installation.

    Maybe you would have to prepare that HDD by wiping out again, what is on it, and then do a clean formating, and then, you could install your Linux on it.

    That should fix it.

    I am only using my common sense: I have no knowledge about formating. I only have heard, that it should be that way, at least, when you buy a brand new one.
    Some hard disk drives already come pre formated. In other cases, one has to do it by your self.

    Cheers, my pleasure, and take care,


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