hello everyone . I am new in here , I need a little help in the installation of linux , I would be glad if you could help me ,
I downloaded the installtion files from the redhat site

system details
DELL inspiron 1100
p4 2.4ghz
512 mb ram
built in video
intel i845 mother board.
and the lcd ithink supports 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions.

here the the issues .

1> I have installed linux .and I did not have any problem , after I intslled I noticed that the screen is small and is only in the middle of the LCD , the rest of the LCD is balck , the screen is like a small square in the centre and there is a black frame all around it.
please could U let me know how to change this to full screen,
I have already tried to change the resolution from the display menu and it still remins the same .. please could U help me wiht this issue

2> I want to access my windows drives from linux too . how do I do that
3> I want to use if for browsing too . I dont know how to do that as it dosent seem plug and play.

It would be great if I could get as soon as possible ..
thank you