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    Gentoo, lord of all Distros.

    Based on strong endorsements by many geniuses at this site, I have aquired Gentoo install CDs. Now, I've installed Mandrake 9.2 and I've even gotten it to run with the GUI on three different platforms, and I've installed Fedora Core 1 with few problems ( I know there are those who feel this is the "window" to Linux...), but I've hit a small wall with Gentoo. I know there are many choices to be made during this install, but I'm only asking for help with one (or two). I'm on a Cyrix MII 300MHz with 256K RAM, and since I even got Mandrake 9.2 to run in graphic mode, I figure a more evolved distro like Gentoo should be a breeze.

    So when I boot, I'm faced with the first choice of "gentoo", "gentoo-nofb", "gentoo-smp", "whatever". So I choose the first (my other unit's SMP, but I've got to sort things out on this thing first). Then I see the following:

    Loading gentoo.......................................
    Loading gentoo.igz..................................................
    So my question is this: Ready for what? I tried "install", I tried "go", I didn't try "Mandrake sux", but I don't think it would have helped.

    Ready for what? Help me, here, I'm dying!

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    You're on the way!

    Type alt-F to open up another console then

    links /mnt/cdrom/install.html

    and you should have the instructions, at least for 1.4
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    Thanks for the reply, Chris H. Actually, I figured out that "Ready" didn't really mean ready: maybe it meant "Kernal Panic". At the point that I described, the keyboard was locked-up. This morning I tried booting with "gentoo-nofb" and it booted through to a root#. This I can deal with.

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    You'll never be at a loss for help with gentoo in the IRC channel, or on the boards as Gentoo has spread like wildfire throughout the boards.

    Welcome to Linux, the forums, and Gentoo!
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