Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone have tried installing Linux from a USB key?

So far what I've tried has been unsuccessful, employing various methods such as the ones on the Ubuntu install forums, Knoppix forums and methods described over at pendrivelinux.com (which mostly are for installing Linux ON the USB not FROM the USB stick). These involve syslinux, an iso or the contents of it copied across and some manual editing (which is fine as it's interesting). However I seem to remember a distro that was built for this exact purpose but I can't find it again. I think I saw it up on source forge.

If you know how to do this then it would be very much appriciated if you could give me some pointers to the How-to that worked for you. My drive to do this is that I have a laptop without floppy or cd-rom and this is the last method I know of that could work after I didn't manage to get booting over the network to work. If you know how to do this then I'd be greatful if you could point me in the right direction.