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    Question Unable to boot Linux partition

    Hello all,

    I am new to Linux and am experiencing a problem. My computer is a Dell laptop running Win XP and recently I decided to create a dual boot OS.

    I researched how to do this as I don't have much previous knowledge.

    After having created an extended partition of 16 GB and a linux swap (1 GB) in Gparted, I installed Xubuntu from the live-CD.

    When I try to boot from this partition, however, the message I get is that there is no bootable device found. The "Windows partition" which had to be decreased in size is still bootable, and is strangely running better than what it did before.

    When I look at my harddrive, it has the fat16, ext3 + linux swap, ntfs and fat32. Is this how it should look?

    I can give anyone more information if needed, but this is all I can think of. Thank you in advance.


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    Hey Buddy Hi
    Ok now yo first yet not a serious one is u didn't give linux to run the mbr, u instead installed it on the partitions mean u that u need to look at the mbr next time u install.
    The other issue is, make sure that u have three linux partitions, Ext3 = / (root = 7Gb), Swap = 1Gb and lastly the remaining to Ext2/3 = /home (My documents = 8Gb or more if u can) that is the best setup.
    So for now u clean up every thing and do it again following that arrangement. remember Swap depend of on the about of ram u have, if u have 256mb -> 512mb (swap), if u have 512mb -> 1Gb (swap).
    Ok buddy

    All the best

    On last issue, pliz take yo take and don't panic coz linux is dangerous to windows but its the best fixer of windows partition problems.Like when i used to run window, when ever my windows missed behaved, say like slow, full, fail to boot etc, and all that is related to Partition, i would use linux to fix it. Ok nice time.

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    Does GRUB Menu appear at startup? Boot up from Kubuntu CD, open Konsole and execute this
    sudo fdisk -l
    Post output here. ( first and last column only ).
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    I haven't had the time to try these things out yet. But Robin, could you explain how to use the MBR?

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    Hi Jmb,
    Ok MBR means = Master Boot Record, a small file/program that is executed when a computer boots up. It MBR resides on the zero sector of the hard disk. it starts the boot process by looking up the partition table to determine which partition to use for booting. It then transfers program control to the boot sector of that partition, which then boot process.
    Now when u install Linux, because its partitions can not be read by windows, win can not boot it, it will require linux managing the bootloader file becoz it can manage it, the new versions of linux have linux install it automatically in the mbr sector. but some of them like suse usually install it on the partitions (which isn't a problem). During installation u have the option to setup your mbr, check it and see how to install it on a partition, hdd or floppy.
    if u want to run back to your windows, get a win98 cd boot from it and go to the command prompt, and type FDISK /MBR (small case), that will restore your windows mbr.


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