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    how do i do install this ???

    ok laugh all you want. but i can't get my copy of mandrake 9.1 going. now from what i read it should identify some of my basic hardware (ie harddrive ect.) but when i start the install it doesent even reconise the cdrom that ithe disk is in. i get a list of drivers to pick from (tryed them all so far) but none are the right one. so..... little help? pls keep it basic useing windows has made me dumb and lazy

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    Are you past the part where it boots from the cd, and you're in the installer, and it says something like pick installation media?

    There's a pretty good chance your cdrom is on /dev/hdc (That would be secondary master)
    i get a list of drivers to pick from
    I don't understand this part, are you editing your bios? Choosing which kernel to install with? Or in the installer and choosing from a list of drives(not drivers)?

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    jschorr, tell us more: To install, you should start with power off, insert CD and then power up (or else just re-boot with CD in). The computer BIOS needs to be set to boot with the CD before the hard drive. Did you do this?

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