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    From LILO to NTLDR


    I have a dual boot system which looks like this:

    hda1 - 17 GBS - NTFS (C:\ windows 2000)
    hda5 - 10 GBS - NTFS (E: this just has a ghost file back up of my C
    hda6 - 500MBS - FAT32( i will use this to move files between linux and windows)
    hda7 - 3.5GBS - ext3 (/home)
    hda8 - 3.5GBS - ext3 (/usr)
    hda9 - 1.0 GB - (SWAP)
    hda3 - 1.5 GB - ext3 (/)

    I have installed LILO to the MBR and added the necessary lines to LILO.conf so that it will also boot windows. But what I want to do is actually be able to have the windows loader (NTLDR) on the MBR and to load Linux from there as well. So currently LILO is installed to /dev/hda and I would like to move it to /dev/hda3 and at the same time install the windows 2000 loader to the MBR.

    I know how to get the NTLDR to boot linux by making the changes to the boot.ini file so that it will also point to the /dev/hda3 boot sector when Linux is selected from the NTLDR menu. My question is. If I remove LILO from the MBR by using the /sbin/lilo {-u|-U} command. Can I then install Lilo to /dev/hda3 by just running the /sbin/lilo command and specifying what partition I want to install it to (in this case /dev/hda3)? Thanx!


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