Hey all, trying to do what the subject states. I have a small ebox which has an internal 2gb flash drive and supports compact flash boot. I wish to put fedora or some other distro on that flash that will boot and then do the install.

I have tried the following so far, I am close, just need that last step. I downloaded the fedora bootdisk.img file, and did a dd if=bootdisk.img of= (flash drive). After a few, I received a confirmation the 13mb or so was written.

I started the device with that flash card and I got the fedora boot menu. After hitting enter, it found the local devices and wanted the rest of the software. So I guess the 1st part, is how and where can I get the rest of the software to put on that device. I have the fedora live CD which is around 700mb and I the flash card is 1gb so that should work.

I am not sure if I can just copy files onto a partition that would be seen, or some other way just to take the live cd iso and "dd" it to the flash drive to boot and work as if it was the CD.

I am also open to other suggestions, distro's, I just knew Fedora had a bootable live CD. But regardless the end result I want is to get the bootable image both onto the flash and then do the full install to the internal drive.