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    dual boot questions: Pavillion 6000t

    Welcome me to the dark side...(correction)...sensible side.

    Anyway i'll try to streamline my questions carefully and quickly so that everyone will not get a headache. Just so you know my background, I've used linux/unix like environments for class but mainly under virtual apps. This is really a delicate thing since i'm installing a linux distro on a laptop and i've heard a lot of issue with my model. Anyway here are some stats on my laptop:

    HP pavillon dv6000t
    Intel Centrino duo 7200
    1 Gig DIMM
    Intel Pro/Wireless 3945AGB + Pro1000 PL NIC
    Nvidia GeForce Go 7400
    100 Gigs HD
    running on XP

    I'm planning to install Xubuntu 7.10 Gusty on here. However I have a couple of issues that I'm kinda worried about before I go forward dual booting both OS's.

    1. One of my issues is that my hard drive is already in a partition due to HP giving me an unnecessary back-up software. (I formatted the drive). Now I have a drive that has an extra 10 gigs. I planning to extend the drive partion to have an extra 10 gigs since I still have about 50 gigs on my other driver partion. Is there a way on XP or any software I can use to adjust both partitions without disturbing the OS?

    2. I hear there are a lot of issues with the chip architecture with with HP pavillion laptops CPU. I hear that the APIC architecture on the chip would not be functional. From the speculation, this seems to occur on Turion based CPU's. I was wondering if this is also the case Intel based processors. Also I would like to know if there is a way to disable or go around this issue.

    3. I also hear there are issues with the broadcom NIC has a couple of issues. I would like to know either a build or software to install so that I can have my wireless up and running.

    Other than these main issue, I don't see too many big problems (knock on wood). I mean I'm still checking on issues on speakers, web cam and the built-in multi card reader drive, but they're not essential.

    Anyways... thanks again in advance and here's to the TUX!

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    welcome to LF!

    1. You should have a look at Parted Magic or GParted. Burn the iso to a cd, boot your pc from the cd and partition your hard drive.

    2. You are not going to have a problem with intel hardware. Your processor is going to be working flawlessly

    3. Your wireless should work out of the box

    I got a dv6000ea and suse 10.3 is working just great, I don't think you are going to have any problems with ubuntu on this laptop. If you got any questions post back
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