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Thread: Distro switch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by craig_mcd
    Does anyone know if security patches are made available via gentoos portage ?
    Yep, they are. Check the forums on Gentoo's site for more information.

    As for testing other distros, I would definitely try some others if I were you. However, that doesn't mean you have to ditch Redhat. Just do some repartitioning (unless you have one big partition, then you'll have to be more creative). I saw LFS mentioned above, and that's what I used. Though it is difficult to understand at first, I managed as a newbie to get through it and learned a ton. Now, I am much, much, much more confident at the command prompt and know more than I ever thought I would about Linux. I high recommend LFS; however, there are other distros (such as Slackware and Gentoo) that will force you to learn more about Linux, which is never a bad thing.

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    I suggest gentoo, i'm switching from RH 9.0 (been using linux for a week) I had a few troubles installing gentoo, so i'm trying again on friday, but from what i've herd/seen it's AMAZING.

    Gentoo is a really easy install, I just keep making very stupid mistakes. There's a very user-friendly doc on their site, check it out.

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    The portage system in gentoo is the best linux package management system I have ever used. Rpm or apt-get don't even come close to it. Only thing I dislike about gentoo is they had to write it in python. I would of much rather had them write it in perl but now I am forced to learn another language cause I need to start hacking the portage. As of right now, gentoo is great on a desktop but is not scalable at all. I have a few ideas to fix that though

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    great topic


    This is one of the topics that'll drive people insane but having used Redhat for sometime, I have to say, how do you deal with all those RPM dependency problems when installing new apps? That was one of the things that I REALLY despised of Redhat. Another was it's lack of stability. Then again, that last problem might have been Gnome and not Redhat but...
    I'm using Debian with KDE. I never thought I'd switch to KDE but it's really a better desktop than Gnome. Anyhow try debian if you get bored. The installation really isn't that painful as everyone thinks it is and since Dolda is a freakin god when it comes to any linux questions, I'd find it hard to believe that you'll have a problem installing this distro.
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    KDE 3.1 runs like a dog on my home machine, gnome eats it for breakfast.
    Never had any stabilty problems with gnome but I use debian so I dont expect to find unstable software (unless I am using sid).

    Just out of interest, how many people use fluxbox ?

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    i'm thinking of trying slack since my hd failed on my backup.

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