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    World Wide Unix Install

    Ive heard of the reputation of linux:
    developed*/oops i mean the sveed sweed*/alongside c by a t t &&,
    useful edit programs,
    safe user environment,
    low progam memory usage,
    bringing old computers back from the dead +++.

    I would like to talk about the previous.
    I recently had a power supply unit go bad in my ME windows ( i know i know not terribly old ) well someone gave me a windows 98 686 as my computer was down and they were upgrading, ( i dont like 95 98 windows unfriendly system ) errors errors more errors. I simply got tired of the system and turned it off, I decided to dust off my 486 windows 3.1 (more user friendly as far as i'm concerned)(also is like my second /*memory still holds respect*/computer i had as a kid 286 first i think), i did this on a simple thought of non social work environment for learning how to add my own thoughts to my a b c knowledge, well tough luck it still had an old qbasic editor on it so i started putting in a older compiler compatible i think it said 1mb short of memory during install i stopped the install and started thinking "get that memory" a:\floppy had gone bad so i started taking that apart, thinking "i know those new portable cell phones are getting close to operating systems and compiler status", well now i want to make my older computers the ME 98 3.1 Windows systems transitioned into a sort of home office linux system

    I simply want to reformat without losing my disk drive memory since 1 was obviously a top of the line do it yourself kit computer without cd drive specifications.
    no need for a remote
    I need a simple linux system able to work on a 486, with a compiler editor debugger for C++, and maybe gimp with it for the 686 and able to go online /*server info not so important since i have a household computer shared with a non computer efficient person unwilling to transition on the fourth computer*/ with the Pentium(since memory sticks are so cheap now) and all of this in mind for a person who is wanting to go into 2008 ready to help transition the world wether its a 486 or a new Psst whatever WinGW leaves office

    everyone should have atleast a 486 with compiler i mean when i was a kid the classroom atleast had a apple with spellcheck i mean check the landfill greentech for tomorrow

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Check the link in my signature for lots of good information on getting started with Linux.

    Also, check this link for favorite distro for older computer hardware:

    Enjoy the Linux experience...

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    Thanks for the thoughts however when i dusted off my old 486 checked for the model its a acer(lol)VI12Git started again however after a restart to add compiler the old bios errors started up. Old bios chip Award 4.50GeeY2k uncompliant Eeprom or intermediated E/Flash with some interesting keys ctrl Alt esc gives me 484 memory 1024 keyboard error or numlock delete 40986k checksum I think I need a bios01010101010101010manual since 11^10 is automatically 2094 not 2001 anyways. Long story short I took your advice into looking into Damn small linux however i never have installed linux lucky for me i'm learning c++i know no basic qbasic then c ++ and now D so i have a clean language memory. SO if u can simply tell me how to turn the iso image into a boot up operating system for a 686 with a gig useless for windows I would be gracious i know it has something to do with lilo or grub and well im about to just flash that chip and either by another couple motherboards for some other computers i picked up or buy another chip (cost about the same) dx is well 13speed more than sx and i want to learn what i can do with 010101010101001010101010 in a 3d environment so please help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skycastle View Post
    SO if u can simply tell me how to turn the iso image into a boot up operating system for a 686 with a gig useless for windows I would be gracious i know it has something to do with lilo or grub .
    You need to burn the ISO to CD using Nero or some similar CD burning tool. You should then be able to boot the PC using the CD.
    You may need to play about with the boot parameters - vga settings etc to get the thing to boot. Once you manage to get DSL to boot a right mouse click brings up a menu - I can't remember quite what the option is called but one of the sub-menus allows you to install to the hard disk. As part of the hard disk install you should be asked if grub or lilo is to be used for booting the system - I use grub. The grub menu should be automatically generated for you.

    Good luck with the BIOS.

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    Skycastle, here's a HowTo that covers the steps of properly burning the ISO file to the disk as an image:

    Let us know how it goes.

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    Lol wow that made sense i just read about cfdisk and being brought up around the end of dos its like being in an internet river and finally understand how to get out the whirlpool to sit on the falls again.

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    Hopefully soon I will know wether half the stuff ive been reading about older systems bioses not recognizing boot from cd is false floppy boot is like 2disk i think I will be figuring the iso out since i havent used linux before i thought lilo was the dosstartupfor 98 and simply missread cfdisk as ckdisk like bios parameters so hopefully I can get this installed so i can program some good ol insomniac0100101010101010.

    Hmm I looked at the tutorial made me think of the cdburner i installed on my main computer PSU is down though i remember it had more properties than this insert disk write to cd burner im using though i couldnt get into the tutorial on checking settings on cdburner so looks like ima be worthlessly figuring it out a little later and will soon be happily programming again . Ps i have like 4 cd dsl4.22 iso's now maybe i can get a USB and a stick a dynamite to finish off an old 386 i found at my fathers jewelry shop the unreal 386 didnt even have a normal watch battery just a corroded big blue dont know if it recharges or explodes.

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    Ok i have a new system i created,
    I hooked up a 408 mb seagate to my 486 and finally got it all booting now i have a 486 V12AG or something with 408 mb running an alpha four on dos 6.22 i want to put damn small linux under neath of it so i can put in a c ++ compiler and gimp on it and still be able to load the alpha four since the alpha four is a business inventory invoice for a business yet is this all possible?

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    Hmm, a 408 mb seagate sounds limited. I'm thinking with DSL you can install a c++ compiler. Yeah, I think it's possible. You'll want to research that stuff, though.

    If not, you'll have to upgrade your HDD. Or you could get some kind of converter for a mass storage device, such as serial to usb or something like that.

    When you understand enough computer science and Linux, you most likely won't want to destroy that 386. It has a use, John Connor. Olde computers can be turned into thin clients and help balance a cluster.

    You using DOS for inventory? You need to move up, dude.
    The only reason I want DOS is for programming in certain emulators, such as qbasic.
    One of Unix's main uses was inventory. I'd say go toward Linux.
    Linux has something called FreeDOS and other types of DOS emulators.

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