I've tryied just yesterday the Ubuntu 7.10 on my Pentium III pc, ASUS mobo CUV4X-M, but the trackball doesn't give any sign to life. Changed the two BIOS configuration options, Auto/Enabled, but it doesn't work either. Looked for google searching engine, A4Tech site and forums and it appears there isn't at the time a real solution for that, if not getting a partial instable workability, by what I've seen. I'm a Newbie on GNU/Linux OS and I've used Win98 and XP, but I'm tired to see this old hardware slowing down because of MS, firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, antirootkit patches and updatings and because all these utilities operate in background. As I've understood that GNU/Linux OS can avoid these third party utilities, in the main, I'm then looking to become familiar with it. Therefore actually my question is if there is a solution to get operative my trackball above mention, or to be advised to buy a new one (as I'm used with it), known to be compatible with Linux/Ubuntu and then finally try on my pc for the first time, this last Ubuntu 7.10 edition. I thank you for the help. Happy New Year.
Best, thetanews