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    How do I install WinXP on Linux?

    I heard about installing windows on a linux system as though it was just another program without dual booting. Is this possible and how is it done? I am currently running Mandrake 9.2.
    I am really new to linux, so please help with great detail, lol.


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    VMWare is great software - and VMWare Server is *free*, while Workstation is not.

    VMWare Server Download

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    I recommend two things -
    • Use Virtualbox - it's free, easy to setup and works very well without much complication
    • Get your hands on a newer release than Mandrake 9.2 - It's 4 years old! You will have bad hardware support and have terrible trouble getting up to date software

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    Thanks for your quick replies! Currently looking into Server.
    Whats the latest version of Mandrake? A friend suggested using PCLinuxOS2007. Is this a good one for running the Server software?


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    hello there .. a bit of advice ... ive been intermixing installations of linux distros and windows for some time now .. and have developed an easy blueprint for how to have a reliable fast stable multibooting linux/windows system.. first things first DONT try to install windows on a linux computer!!! install windows FIRST from there its all downhill!!!

    fastvan yes i STRONGLY recommend using pclinuxos as your linux system ive tried about 15 distros and pclos is the best for an easy homogenous system !!!

    fastvan be careful virtual boxes offer VIRTUAL performance!!
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    Thank you for your input. Unfortunately I lost my broadband connection a few days ago. Waiting for WildBlue to come fix it.

    The reason I asked about installing WinXP within Linux is because Linux is far better as far as stability. If I install XP first, then Linux and something happens to my XP, I lose it all. So, I'm going with the original plan.

    Now, what does it mean when my PCLinuxOS 2007 cd said Cannot mount Live CD when I am trying to install? Something I did wrong?


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    I really like the dual boot

    But yes the Vmware is great.

    Another package that should already be installed is the Wine emulator, which lets you run Windows applications

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    let linux run the show!!!

    hello fastvan! youre a little confused on why to install windows first... heres why
    when windows is installed on a freshly formatted fat 32 particion .. its happy livin in its own little world!! after thats done install pclinux on another particion . you will be asked in the installation process on a screen that says BOOTLOADER options. it should say... vmlinuz blah blah blah and windows. say ok and that should do linux will control the booting of youre windows and also lives on its own partition. if something breaks on youre windows partition wont affect youre linux one little bit!!!!!

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