I'm having issues booting my cross-compiled linux from scratch using Busybox. Unfortunately the CLFS how-to has errors and isn't complete, and therefore I'm having some issues I've been working through.

The problem is that the system will start to boot using the bzimage with all of the drivers I know it needs -- however even some of the documents I read didn't say you needed something that it does -- but then the system doesn't find anything in /dev it needs, such as hda1 or null, etc, and then it shuts down after trying to run the rc.d scripts.

My understanding is that busybox's linuxrc soft link will actually cause the dev tree to be populated, requiring only a few preexisting devices to be there initially -- such as null, console, etc. I am unsure of if it is actually running linuxrc at all to do this.

I tried creating an initrd from scratch, since there aren't any tools that I know of that allow me to use a cross-compiled linux kernel to create an initrd. Anyway, it doesn't look like it ever properly runs the linuxrc script in the initrd, either. The bootup process does suggest that all the drivers I have embedded in the bzimage actually are working, which suggests I shouldn't need the initrd at all.

Anyway, the /dev is actually mounted in the bootup scripts I have as part of the rc.d/startup script, even though there is a /dev directory out there.

Anyone have any pointers here? I'm close to getting the system booted properly and running, but I'm just having this /dev issue right now that I can't get past.

The real issue is I have to keep pulling the CF card from the embedded system I have it in, then installing it in a card reader attached to my linux laptop to modify the system any, then doing the reverse to try the changes. I've not had much success in the last few days in trying to figure this out.

The system is an Geode GX1 (PC Engine's WRAP) with 128MB memory and a 4GB industrial-grade CF for storage. Using latest Busybox and Kernel (latest) at the time of the posting.

Thanks -- and I can post the bootup messages when I get home if anyone can help.