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    Debian Desktop Enviroment

    I have used Windows my whole life, but have recently heard of the benefits of switching to Linux -- open-source software, much more stability, help from the community, and the list goes on and on. While trying to decide which distribution would work best for me, I heard how Debian is very recommended for Linux newbies like myself because of dependancy checking, and the fact that the Windows operating system was based off of Debian.

    Well, I decided to give it a shot and burnt 7 ISO images for my Debian installation. The installation itself went very smoothly. I chose everything I wanted to install, among the most important X Window and a Desktop Enviroment. The installation completed without a hicup, but when I restarted I was shocked to be brought to a command prompt (or maybe its called something different in Linux, I don't know). Anyway, it wanted me to login, so I did figuring that maybe the desktop enviroment didn't load until after login, and I was shocked to find the same DOS-like prompt staring back at me after I entered my username and password.

    A prompt may be all well and good for you Linux-vets, but I would prefer to make my transition from Windows a little more slowly, and for that I would appreciate a mouse, icons, and a pretty little interface for every program I want to run. It looks like Debian itself is working perfectly, there's just no desktop enviroment. I have a feeling that this is because I did something wrong during the installation, but I tried reinstalling several times, and each time with the same result.

    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Is there perhaps some command I have to run from the prompt to get the desktop enviroment to work? Does anyone know of a step-by-step guide to a Debian 3.0 installation? Thanks for your help.

    - Jason

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    If you have a desktop env installed then try typing startx.
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    This is what happens with a multi user system. You should have at least two users in Linux - root (for admin work) and another for other stuff. They should have different usernames and passwords.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris H
    If you have a desktop env installed then try typing startx.
    Thanks Chris. That's exactly what it was. I can't believe I reinstalled Debian like 50 times trying to get the GUI to work when all I had to type was startx. Well, anyway, at least the problem is solved, and my system runs fine now. Thanks for your help.

    - Jason

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