Dear All,

Please let me know how one can create linux driver disk for using at installation with "linux dd" I have compiled kernel modules for Sata ata_piix.ko libata.ko over RHEL- 5 machine for which I want to create the driver disk for RHEL-4 installation. After doing some googling I came to know that following files are required by any linux driver disk.

rhdd, modules.cgz, disk-info, modinfo, modules.dep and pcitable.

In which modules.cgz actually contains the *.ko modules but I am unable to understand what to write in other files.

Please help me in creating driver disk for ata_piix ICH8 Serial ATA Storage Controller for linux

Actually I am installing Enterprise Oralce Linux R4-U5 (I think it is update-5) on Acer Machine. I need Sata Driver Disks for ICH8 2 port Serial ATA Storage Controller 2825. I have successfully installed the RHEL 5 on the same hardware and I have ata_piix.ko file. Please let me know from where i can download the Sata Drivers for above mentioned controller or how i can use ata_piix.ko for installing new machine.

Looking forward for help