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    Is a 4 GB hard drive big enough?

    I am a newbie to Linux and I plan on installing YellowDog Linux on my iMac 233 MHz G3 with 160 MB of memory. I'm just sick of Mac OS locking up and the programs unexpectingly quiting. I'm not sure though if my 4 GB hard drive is big enough to install YellowDog it, it says it needs 1.2 GB for the install but i'm not sure how much free space I need. I also plan to use YellowDog Linux as my primary OS and wish to leave as little as possible space on the hard drive for Mac OS 9. Any help whould be appreciated. Also, is it safe to buy the discounted linux distributions on cd from the internet?
    Thanks for your time.

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    4 GB should be far more than enough. My friend has installed RedHat (which YellowDog is based on) on hard drives less than 1 GB (and so have I, but that was a long time ago, and they have grown since then).
    However, I'm not sure if that iMac of yours is an old world or new world mac. If it is an old world mac, be prepared to need lotsof support, since they have really ****ed up boot procedures.

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    for example, I installed redhat 9 recently and selected everything but the servers and it took up 2.5 gb.

    so you should be fine


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