I am a relatively new linux user and I have a question about my new external hard drive. I am currently running XP on my internal drive, but I want to install Mandrake 10 onto the external and use it as if it were a second computer sort of. I installed it on the external today and setup the boot loader to use grubb. I think I installed it wrong. I;m not exactly sure what I did to it. The external drive is 120 gigs and I partitioned almost half of it for mandrake, then auto allocated it to make three partitions out of the large one. I then got the boot loader and got really confused. I think I saved it to sda1 which is the fat32 partition that I did not use for mandrake and set it to load sda5 I think im not sure. when I finished I rebooted windows and nothing about grubb came up and then I checked the external in my computer and it says it has the full 120 gigs and doesnt recognize the other partitions. and I cant find the boot loader. Im really confused and I want to get mandrake running. Is there anyway of setting it up again without installing it or is the MBR. I have no idea please help