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    install with floppies only?

    I just got an ANCIENT toshiba satellite T1910CS. I have no idea what the specs are, but it is OLLLDDDDD. Anyway, there's no cd drive, only floppy. I know you can install DeLi linux using floppies alone, but when i download the files that are to be put on 1.44mb floppies, they are 1.4 mb in size. However, a formatted floppy only has 1.38 mb of free space. I know that one of the files (root.img) is an img file that needs to be put onto a floppy using something like rawwrite, so i did that. But what about the other three files, which have .dsk extensions? what do i do? thanks

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    You do the same with the .dsk as .img. you can use either dd in linux or rawwrite in Windows.
    To use dd it would be for example:
    dd if=deliboot.dsk of=/dev/fd0

    Hope this helps.

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    Ok, thanks! I'll try that. For some reason, it seems like the laptop wont even boot from cd, even though i have the bios to boot from floppy first.


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