i looked up how to install open moko on my palm, and this is what i got, it is way to UN-user friendly

Here is a quick guide:

Get the TX-Kernel from here and unpack all to the SD-card.
Download the rootfs, copy to the /linux folder on your card and rename to rootfs.ext2 or build your on rootfs with the MokoMakefile (you have to edit the /build/conf/local.conf and set MACHINE="palmtx", IMAGE_FSTYPES = "ext2", IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE_ext2=102400)
Edit /etc/Xserver to adjust the DPI settings and add:
"Palm TX")
ARGS="$ARGS -dpi 150 -screen 320x480 -hide-cursor -root-ppm /usr/share/pixmaps/xsplash.ppm" ;;
Generate a swap file: dd if=/dev/zero of=swap.fs bs=1024 count=65536 and copy it to the /linux directory on your card.
Tap Cocoboot and see OpenMoko booting!

ok now if anyone can maybe find a video tutorial or a better website to help me out that would be fantastic
thanks in advance