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    dsl login problem

    I'm new to the forum and hope you can help. I have recently installed "dsl not" to my old NEC Celeron 333mHs, 160 ram, 6 gig hd. Everything went smooth at first, but after reboot I created my login name and password. After this, I tried to log in. My user name went through ok, but when I enter the password I get the incorrect prompt after supplying the password. I tried reinstalling but to no avail. Hope someone here can help me sort things out. Thanks in advance, Michael.

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    First of all, welcome to the forums!

    Log in as root instead of your normal user. In the terminal reset your user password:

    passwd usernamehere

    Now you should be able to log in using the password you set. If this didn't work then my guess is that you didn't set up your user correctly.
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    That did it. Thanks. What is the main difference between dsl and "dsl not"? Once again thanks for all of the help. Michael

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    The main difference is the size cap of 50 mb. DSL was built and is developed to be in either a livecd or usb pendrive environment (not that people don't just do an hd install) while still maintaining a full suite of applications. DSL Not, is just meant to be a sibling distro with a light footprint but as a general rule more feature rich programs to fulfill the same needs. Example: Abiword instead of ted.

    The other big difference is that while there is generally all the same stuff under the hood, DSL-N uses a 2.6 kernel instead of 2.4 like DSL.
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