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    Boot problems! Can I just install GRUB?

    I have a Gateway laptop that I got with Windows XP, and a while back I wanted to get into linux, so I used Gparted to create a 20gb partition to play around with linux on. I ended up installing Fedora 7, and used GRUB to boot to windows. Recently I got a used PC I can freely experiment on, so I decided to just remove linux from my laptop and use the extra partition for windows storage. Now I have my original windows partition and a 20gb empty partition.

    However, now when I boot I just get the word GRUB on a black screen. I'm able to boot windows from the Gparted liveCD (choosing "Boot from partition #1 on hard drive 1" at the startup screen)...tried all the fixmbr stuff from my XP recovery CD but I couldn't get it to function properly and I can't find much online as to why.

    Would I just be able to install GRUB into a small partition and configure that to boot windows automatically? I'm thinking that might just be the easiest way out...I found a couple sites that may have the solution, but some parts are confusing and I don't want to screw anything up more than I already have..
    grub page

    Thank you in advance...

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    Hi and Welcome !

    What error message does fixmbr command throw?
    I would suggest you try SuperGRUB CD instead of installing GRUB and creating /boot partition. Download SuperGRUB CD and boot up from it. Select Fix Windows Boot Loader option from list. Windows will boot up on reboot.
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    fix mbr issues

    Thanks! I'll try that out tomorrow, it's way past my bedtime as it is.

    As far as the fixmbr problems, I was able to install it via \cmdcons to my hd, first through c:\windows\i386\winnt32.exe and secondly from my system recovery cd that doesn't give the option for the recovery console at bootup (booted windows normally and explored cd drive for i386 folder).

    The installation from my existing windows system went ok, but when I chose the recovery console option at startup I just got a bsod every try.

    The installation to hd from the cd seemed to go fine too, but when I started it I got this error:
    File \minit\system32\biosinfo.inf could not be loaded. The error code is 14. Press any key to restart...

    Also before each installation I got a notice about how netupgrd.dll could not be found. Perhaps that was the source of those problems? I wasn't sure how to go about recovering the file and/or putting it in it's correct spot.

    Thanks again, and have a good night!


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