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    [SOLVED] How to tell programs where things are?

    Hope this isn't too simple but if you are installing several programs from source, in my case eet followed by evas, how do you tell evas where eet is?

    Put eet in a non-standard location with ./configure --prefix=/media/flasha/e17 and evas will configure but will not 'make'; apparantly because it does not know where eet is. Have tried ./configure --help but am none the wiser. TIA.
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    If I have well understood, when you launch ./configure to configure the installation of evas, it gives you some error saying it cannot locate eet. Can you post the error message? Usually it tells you which option to use to indicate where to find the missing piece.

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    Great thanks sturmer.

    The fix was '$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/media/flasha/e17/lib/pkgconfig'. I cannot help being a bit smegmatic about this: it is difficult to understand how I was supposed to work this fix out. ./configure --prefix=/media/flasha/e17 was the non-standard directory the stuff was put in.
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