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    2 problems: econf failing "...gettext..."


    1) I tried to install Gentoo additionally to Windows, but I failed. When I rebooted, it said "invalid partition table". So I had to delete all the newly built linux partitions to be able to boot Windows again. But I have the impression that the BIOS needs a little longer to detect that Windows is the system to start, there's always a "_" flashing up for a short time when I boot.

    2) When I try a Gentoo Stage 1 installation, it always fails saying econf failed because of something like "sys-devel/gettext-0.12.1-r1".

    Thank you in advance for your help

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    As to your first point, I guess we are a bit late to help with that, though if you aren't sure how to partition/ set-up grub, ask away.
    Towards your second point : I completed a new install recently which produced the same error. I solved it by using the script. Try that.
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    Thank you!

    Thanks, that helped.

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