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    Installation on notebook with no OS or optical drive

    Hey guys,

    The Toshiba R100 notebook I just purchased on Ebay is an ultraportable and doesn't include an optical drive---and also doesn't include an OS. How can I install any version of Linux on it?

    I don't personally own a USB optical drive or USB flash memory key, but I'm sure the latter will be very easy to borrow from someone in my dorm. I do own a HDD-based music player (Archos Gmini 402 camcorder) that Windows recognizes as a hard drive. My XP desktop won't boot due to some hard drive problems, and I can use the new laptop my friend left over here until one of these computers gets back on its feet. How can I use any of these to install Linux? Would it be possible to boot from the USB flash key? or from my music player? Does the BIOS work that way?

    I don't think I need any specific distro of Linux at the moment. Just anything to get me up and running so I can install a more permanent distribution.

    I am brand-spanking new to Linux. I also don't actually have the laptop in my possession yet. When I said I -just- bought it, I meant it--it should arrive postally in a few days. This should just illustrate how stoked I am about finally getting into Linux!

    This review contains the R100's specifications, at the bottom.

    Thank you, kind persons.

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    This link might help you out: Fedora Core 4 R100

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    Maybe you'll find something useful here
    Install GNU/Linux without any CD, floppy, USB-key, nor any other removable media
    I didn't read the whole thing, it's quiet a long read. So be sure to read it well before you begin.
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    While those links did appear to have the relevant information, they were almost incomprehensible to me. I don't have a thorough enough knowledge of Linux to interpret those pages. Even if I did, the process looked horrendously complicated.

    Luckily, I asked around on my floor for someone who had a USB CD-ROM drive, and I found someone--so that will greatly simplify this process.

    Wish me luck with my first Linux experience! Thanks

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