Hi everyone,

Ive been scanning the web and various forums/tutorial/how-to's but have not been able to find (maybe understand) an answer to my problem.

I'll start from the beginning:
I have an old Compaq N400c laptop without a docking bay, so it has no CD, Floppy etc.
It does not support booting from USB
and to make things worse, the network port is not working.

When i first got this laptop it never had an OS, me being me never seen that as a problem and for a while it wasnt. I simply dismantled the laptop, removed the hdd and plugged it into a 2.5"ide to usb adaptor. this allowed me access to install the os.

So (From within windows at the time) I fdisk'd, formatted, and sys'd the drive. I then copied the win98 folder on to it, took it out of the usb adapator, stuck it back in my laptop, switched it on and ran win98 setup. Easy.

The time has come to reinstall with linux as i switched my main machine from vista to fedora 8 a few months ago and ive never looked back.

Ive tried a few things to replicate the method of how i installed win98 but am unable to find the linux variation.

Can anyone give me any pointers or help?
Thanks in advance